Attractions of Tabasco


The state of Tabasco contains several traces of ceremonial and civic centers belonging to a handful of pre-Hispanic cultures which inhabited the region throughout its history : La Venta, major ceremonial compound of the Olmecas during the highest period of splendor of this culture, the art of which displays strong references to the jaguar; Comalcalco and Pomona, containing Maya remains dated as contemporary with those major compounds of Palenque and Yaxhilan located in other areas of Mesoamerica; and the site of Malpasito, legacy of the Zoque tribe which inhabited the area in the period 400-250 of our time, with an altar from which it is still possible to admire the grandeur of the place.


For those with an adventurous spirit and hoping for a closer contact with nature, this path along the Tabasco Sierra crosses the municipalities of Teapa, Tacotalpa, and Macuspana.

Some of the natural wonders to be found along this route include : the Cocona and the Canicas caves, just the place for experiencing cave archeology; the Hacienda "Los Azufres", where visitors may enjoy a bath in thermal sulfurous waters; and the Kolem Jaa, a site containing cascades and trails, just the eco-tourism scenario for those wishing a little action in the fields of rappel, cycling, riding down the river, or even something a little more exotic, taking part in a photographic safari.

Tabasco happens to be the cradle of chocolate as it was in these lands where the first cocoa plants flourished in American soil. This tourist route takes visitors to key places regarding the birth and later development of this Mesoamerican product, such as Maya and Chontal sites and cocoa Haciendas. In the municipality of Nacajuca, craftsmen of Maya and Chontal descent still speak their indigenous language and also keep their artistic traditions alive through the fabrication of fine crafts made of palm, rattan, and guano. On the other hand, the site includes the "Center for Turtle Breeding", dedicated to the conservation of seven different fresh water types of turtles which are either endemic or endangered, indeed the only installation of this kind in Latin America.

Another stop along the path not to be missed is that of Jalpa de Mendez, as it contains the Pompose-Juliva wetlands, the neo-Classical temple of San Francisco, and also offers the possibility of acquiring some uniquely local crafts made of calabash.

The cocoa Haciendas around Comalcalco provide visitors with the opportunity to learn first-hand about the intricate process of chocolate production in its place of origin, some of which are the La Luz, Cholula, and Brondo Haciendas.
In the archeological site of Comalcalco, Mayan legacy takes an unexpected turn as it is the only structure from this civilization built with bricks made of burned clay,
instead of the typical stone construction method seen across Mesoamerica.

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