The Most Important Airlines in Mexico

AeroCalifornia; AeroCalifornia is a private airline. It began as an air taxi service based in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Its programmed flights began in June 1982 with Jet-DC9 planes to La Paz, Tijuana and Hermosillo. In 1989 it traveled its first international route to Los Angeles, California. It currently carries out 130 daily flights to 20 destinations within Mexico and 1 to the United States.

Aerolitoral; This airline’s original name was Servicios Aéreos Litoral, in 1990 it became a subsidiary of Aeromexico based in Veracruz and simultaneously Aeromexico also created the subsidiary Aerovias del Poniente. These two companies fused together, emerging as Aerolitoral in 1997. It uses the same logo as Aeromexico. Aerolitoral has 200 daily flights among its 33 destinations within
Mexico and 3 in the United States.

Aeromar; Aeromar’s first flight was done in November 1987 between Toluca and Acapulco. Since 1988 its operations base is Mexico City’s International Airport. It currently has 20 routes to 18 destinations, with a total of 610 weekly flights in its 16 ATR 42 airplanes.

Aeroméxico; Aeronaves de Mexico (Aeroméxico) was founded in 1934; its first airplane was a Stinson SR flying from Mexico City to Acapulco. Its logo represents the Eagle Men, Aztec warriors outstanding for their courage and heroism. In April 2007 it was granted the award of the Aeronatics Official Guide as the best airline in Latin America. Aeroméxico has 70 Boeing airplanes, from its center in Mexico City’s International Airport, it operates 300 daily flights to 32 cities in Mexico, 14 in the United States, two in Europe, four in South America and one in Asia.

ALMA de México; ALMA is the trademark of Aerolíneas Mesoamericanas. Created with Mexican capital, this low cost airline began to operate in June 2006. Its eight planes travel only to Mexican destinations.

Aviacsa; This airline was created in 1990, based in the State of Chiapas with support from the State Government and private investors. Initially its fleet only had propeller planes but later purchased four British airplanes. Currently its fleet has Boeing 737-200 planes.

Avolar; Avolar began to operate in August 2005 with a single airplane, its main market was within the country’s north. It currently has 7 Boeing planes. It is planning to soon operate new destinations to the United States.

Líneas Aéreas Azteca; It began to operate in June 2001 under the international Low Cost scheme. It currently flies to 19 destinations within Mexico and 3 in the United States.

Click Mexicana; This is an airline that belongs to Mexicana de Aviación. Despite promoting itself as low cost, its prices are within the costlier range. It was founded in 1975 as Aerocaribe by private investors of Yucatan and purchased by Mexicana in 1990, operating with the new name Click Mexicana since 2005.

Interjet; Created in 2005, it is based in the city of Toluca with inexpensive rates. Interjet’s fleet is integrated by 11 Airbus 320, flying to 13 destinations within Mexico.

Magnicharters; This airline was created in 1993 for low cost services. Its fleet has 5 Boeing airplanes flying to 13 destinations within Mexico.

Mexicana; Compañía Mexicana de Aviación was created in 1921 for the transport of mail and passengers, it is the fourth oldest airline in the world and the second most important in Latin America. Its first route was from Mexico City to Tampico. Charles Lindbergh was very involved in its structuring and piloted some flights himself.

VivaAerobus; This low cost airline began to operate in November 2006 based in Monterrey. It currently has 5 Boeing aircrafts.

Volaris; This is the trademark of the Mexican group Controladora Vuela Compañía de Aviación formed in 2003. This low cost airline is based in Toluca and made its first flight in 2006. Currently its fleet consists of 6 Airbus aircrafts.

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