Where to Go / What to Do in Xalapa

For arriving to Xalapa on the Xalapa "– Villahermosa highway, you must cross a fresh 800 meter long tunnel made from intertwined tint trees. Once inside the city, a vigorous walk on the jetty separating it from the Sierra River is almost obligatory, for later enjoying a delicious ice cream while sitting on a bench of the Central Park, axis of family and romantic afternoons for the people of Xalapa.

One of the best anthropology museums in Latin America, the Museo de Antropología de Xalapa hosts the country's largest collection of pre-Columbian objects. More than 3 thousand years of history are preserved inside its walls for telling the history of the Olmeca, Maya and Huasteca ethnic groups. As an extension of the Universidad de Veracruz, this great museum is kept "“alive"” thanks to its team's constant research.

At this beautiful park you can walk and visit Casa de las Artesanías, a shop exhibiting a great variety of fine crafts from Veracruz.

If you are a fan of chamber music, then this is your chance to listen to one of the best orchestras in Latin America. This orchestra was born in 1929, making it the first and oldest orchestra in the country.
Offices of Teatro del Estado on Calle Ignacio de la Llave Phone (228) 818 0834

This invaluable treasure takes shape in a cloud forest preserved intact by the great environmental efforts of the government and society of Veracruz. Located in the center of Xalapa, at the park you can practice soccer in the sports courts, basketball, roller-skating and play on the swings and children's games. At lunch time you can cook a delicious grilled steak in the area designated for such, but don't leave the fire without vigilance and don't forget to throw the trash in the trashcans.
Entrance on Avenida Manuel Ávila Camacho.

Located inside an ancient estate of the XVI century, this museum permanently exhibits an antique collection of objects that tell the lifestyles of high-class Xalapa society during the XIX century.
Highway Xalapa "– Veracruz km 10.

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