Cervantino International Festival

Founded in 1546, the city of Guanajuato holds colonial jewels and architecture of unrivaled beauty. Of great mining origin, its gold and silver veins discovered during the 17th century turned it into the most important city of New Spain. Famous for having been Mexico’s capital during the presidency of Benito Juarez, it is also widely known as the birthplace of artist Diego Rivera.

Guanajuato was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1988 and Cervantino Capital of America in 2005. Birthplace of Mexico’s Independence and capital of the State of Guanajuato, it is the venue of the most important arts and culture festival of Latin America: International Cervantino Festival (FIC).

The ideal scenario for presenting and gathering great artists from all arts and culture fields, this festival has achieved to create a tradition beyond Mexico’s borders, becoming an internationally acclaimed event.

Born from the excellent quality and tradition of Teatro Universitario de Guanajuato, especially out of its extensive repertoire of plays from the Spanish Golden Era and particularly the work of Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra, in honor of whom it was named.

Cevantino International Festival has been celebrated every year in the capital of the State of Guanajuato since 1972, every edition gathers companies and performers from a wide range of international arts. It can be said that Cervantino International Festival has exhibited every country and region in the world.

The events and activities of the cultural program in each festival are selected based on the level of contribution that each event offers for the enlightenment of the audience, their reach and originality regarding creative, innovative and high-quality concepts.

The 38th edition of this festival, to be held from October 13 to November 7, 2010, will have as guests of honor the countries of Argentina, Chile and Colombia, in addition to the Mexican states of Queretaro, Michoacan and Chihuahua. On this year, the International Cervantino Festival will establish the Cervantino Award to Artistic Trajectory, acknowledging the work of Mexican or foreign creators whose history has had a special meaning for its cultural search and contribution.

Cervantino International Festival is a member of the European Festival Association and the Asian Scenic Arts Festival Association, offering a world-class program. Cervantino is considered as one of the four most important festivals worldwide.

This great event lasts 19 exciting days in which a great variety of cultural expressions from diverse regions of the world are presented, including dance, music, visual arts, cinema and theater. Coordinated by the great effort that joins the Federal Government, through the National Council for Arts and Culture, with the Government of the State of Guanajuato, the active participation of the University of Guanajuato and the countries that contribute their cultural support, as well as many private enterprises.

As an event that transcends all borders through its shows, conferences and exhibits, Cervantino has achieved, through its 37 years of existence, great acknowledgment as an event of great tradition in Guanajuato’s community, evolving into what is now one of the most valuable programs for exhibiting the diverse artistic displays of the world, the theme axis on which they revolve and their place within the cultural universe.

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