Attractions of Colima

With great geographical and cultural wealth, Colima offers landscapes of unparallel beauty and diverse art forms that converse in a prehispanic past and a modern state growing and promoting tourism throughout the world.

It also offers the opportunity to discover enigmatic destinations ranging from see-through lagoons, surprising grottos, impressive mountains, virgin beaches and friendly towns of today's Magical Mexico.


This is one of the most fascinating natural attractions in the State. Located near the town of San Gabriel in Ixtlahuacán, from which an adventurous route starts, full of colorful landscapes leading to the grotto.

It's easy to become mesmerized by the impressive rocky formations and stalactites that have formed through thousands of years of water filtering and remains of an indigenous presence that used this venue as the ceremonial center from which we scan still use its original access stairway.


On La Colorada Lagoon, adjacent to Alcuzahue Lagoon, is this crocodile sanctuary, named "El Cocodrilario", exhibiting specimens of many different sizes and ages in captivity, as well as a great amount of these smart animals in their natural habitat within the lagoon.

Founded at the start of the 1980's, it has now been expanded and remodelled, with an additional outdoor theater, a natural museum and a vast parking lot with restrooms and surveillance. It also has an explicative path with nearly five kilometers surrounded the Santuario Lagoon. This tour enables visitors the great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this disctinctive recreational space in Colima.


Formerly Hotel Casino, a traditional mansion dating back to 1848 originally owned by Mr. Juan de Dios Briezuela, this museum now proudly displays the most distinctive of regional history through two important collections: Stavenhagen and Velasco Curiel, donated for the creation of the cultural venue. It has also added Colima archeology collections and an interesting display of European furniture from the XIX century. This space is an obligated stop for comprehending the story of this great state.


Located on the state limits with Jalisco, Nevado de Colima National Park hosts the Colima Volcano and the Fire Volcano, great tourist attractions for adventurous and professional mountain climbers from around the world. Spanning over 22,000 hectares, this park also offers beautiful landscapes of pines, cedars, cliffs and lagoons that can be enjoyed under strict regulations enforced by local authorities for safety and environmental preservation.


Between 1100 and 1400 A. D., the El Chanal complex flourished. Its residents belonged to a pre-Hispanic culture which scientists haven't been able to determine their origin or cultural affiliation. It is known that they were devoted to Tlaloc, god of rain, of which there are numerous representations on the ruins of this social center that holds plazas, ceremonial centers, altars and patios of ball games.


Another one of the archeological sites of great importance in the region is La Campana. It belongs to the Almoloyan settlement and it is believed that this civilization disappeared because of an earthquake. These archeological ruins were altered by missionaries and Spanish conquerors by taking part of their materials for building the new communities. Its rainwater drainage, avenues, high walls and rooms built on platforms are the historic legacy of a civilization from which we only know they practiced agriculture and commerce.


Declared Area of Historic Monuments by the state, this picturesque city maintains its provincial air with plazas framed by great arches and white houses with red tile roofs. Also known as "America's White Town", Comala is a tranquil community surrounded by exuberant vegetation that grows from the Suchitlán, San Juan and Barragana Rivers.


With the best winds for flying throughout the year, venturous people from around the world love to take off from Cerro de la Cumbre and Cerro de Juripiche, making Colima a favorite for this extreme sport.


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