The Alley of The Kiss in Guanajuato

Guanajuato flourished during the colonial era for its great gold and silver mines. Many Spaniards settled in this area to make great fortunes by exploiting this natural wealth.

One of the newcomers was Don Antonio de la Parra, who had suffered the rejection of the elite at Asturias, his place of birth. In Mexico he became the owner of many mines, the only ambition that still tormented him was returning to Spain to disgrace all those who had humiliated him during his poor childhood days. In order to fulfill this dream, he needed a title of nobility. In order to achieve it, he planned for Ana, his only daughter, to marry the Marquis of Linares.

Beautiful and full of joy, Ana accepted her obligation to fulfill her father’s dreams of nobility, that’s why she kept her true love in secret.

One day, while standing on her balcony, the neighbor’s window opened, it was Carlos, who had bought that house just be near her. This alley is so narrow, that both balconies almost touch. At eight every night, they dated in secret and their love began to grow.

On one evening, while Ana and Carlos where together, her father discovered them and became enraged. Carlos jumped to protect his beautiful girlfriend but fell to the ground and broke his neck. When Ana tried to help him, Don Antonio became overwhelmed with rage and put a dagger through her heart. He immediately regretted it, but it was too late, Ana and Carlos where dead. Don Antonio went insane and died a few months later.

The entire city was at the lovers’ burial and the people of Guanajuato state that on certain nights, the couple can be seen reaching over their balconies, embraced in an eternal kiss.

According to tradition, couples who visit the Alley of the Kiss must kiss while standing on the third step, this will assure fifteen years of happiness; couple’s who don’t comply with this tradition will have seven years of bad luck.

This is one of the many interesting sites in Guanajuato, city full of legends and an impressive architectural legacy, venue to some of Mexico’s best cultural events, including the annual Cervantino International Festival.

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