Where to Go / What to Do in Catemaco

The tropical jungle furthest north in the world is called Nanciyaga and is located in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz. The exuberant animal and vegetable life frames this refreshing ecological park where you can have a revitalizing natural mineral water bath or a purifying Temascal bath in the Prehispanic style. You can also rest while sunbathing or take a trip on kayak; if you would rather update your knowledge, you can visit the Parque Ecológico Educativo (Educational Ecological Park), where endemic and regional species like the Catemaco crocodile and the howling monkey are protected. In the reserve you will also find the services of a restaurant, a crafts store and a cigar factory, among other amenities.

Tiny fishing town where besides an excellent grilled fish you can enjoy a lonely beach of dark and fine sand.

Voice of Tlaloc god of the rain, this beautiful waterfall approximately 32 yards wide and 65 yards long is an excellent panoramic view of the exuberant nature surrounding the region of Catemaco. Located near the town of Eyipantla, don't forget to pay your ticket (for a moderate sum) and take your camera.

Natural 43 yard waterfall located in the Mountain Range of Santa Maria surrounded by fresh wells where you can also swim. Located 25 km. from Catemaco.

Diverse communities of the Veracruz mountains as Ampopal, Selva del Marinero, Los Clarines, Las Margaritas and Peña Hermosa, among others, offering services for ecotourism activities as hiking, kayak, vigilance of marine turtles in danger of extinction, exotic bird watching, mountain climbing and excursions.

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