Where to Go / What to Do in Tampico

In Laguna Chairel, Laguna del Carpintero or open sea, the aficionados of this activity can enjoy a great experience fishing both fresh water and sea water fish, as the shad, seabass, spet, horse mackerel, barrilete and wahoo. The coasts of Tampico are the venue of the world shad fishing record.
Located on the edge of Laguna del Carpintero.

Recently exploited with tourism goals, this beautiful beach offers everything you need to have pleasant vacations: fine sand, fresh water, rich and abundant gastronomy and numerous sports activities like water skiing, boat rides, water bikes, sports fishing and beach volleyball.

Recreational park located on the margin of Laguna de Chairel, it has facilities for the entertainment of its visitors like huts and grills, children's games, restrooms and a pier for boat rides.

At this park the families of Tampico enjoy summer afternoons resting underneath a fresh palm roof and enjoying the green gardens decorating it. Boat rides and games for the young complement the experience.


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