Aguas Frescas

Beverages known as Aguas Frescas in Mexico are the perfect complement to the country’s cuisine. Wonderfully refreshing and unique, they are healthy and healing, in addition to their cooling effect and calming the taste buds after spicy traditional dishes. They are found in restaurants, homes and stands within huge glass containers throughout the country, enhancing with their brilliant colors the urban landscape.

Jamaica water is one of the most preferred throughout the country, especially for its healing properties. Made of hibiscus flowers, it is known for its diuretic properties, good for treating high blood pressure, it also fights parasites and is a slight laxative, so it helps detoxify the body. For preparing this refreshing water, you only need to rinse de hibiscus flowers and place them in very hot water, the same as when making tea. After straining, sugar and ice are added.

Tamarind water is also very popular among Mexicans. This is a very common fruit worldwide, used as a condiment in Asia; it is one of the main ingredients in Worchester Sauce and throughout Latin America it is used in deserts, drinks and condiments. Among its healing properties it is famous for treating some digestive problems and it is a very efficient laxative. The process for turning it into agua fresca is a little more complicated than the other versions, but quite worth it. First, the pods must be peeled and the veins removed. Then, the pulp and seeds are boiled until soft and the seeds removed. The pulp is then mixed in a blender with water and sugar.

Horchata water is a preparation based of rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, varying according to local taste. It is prepared by covering rice with hot water in a bowl that is then sealed and set aside at room temperature for six to eight hours. Then the rice is strained and combined with milk and water in a blender before straining again and adding sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and ice.

In addition to these three versions common throughout the country, aguas frescas being offered at any given time depend on the season and region, since they are prepared from any fruit by just blending with water and sugar. That’s why delicious watermelon and melon aguas frescas are offered in the North during the summer, coconut water in the tropical regions, as well as strawberry, cucumber, papaya, mango, pineapple and a dozen others throughout the country, obeying local production at all the wonderful regions of Mexico.

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