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Bahia de la Santa Cruz (Bay of the Holy Cross) was the name given by Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes to this region in 1535, but it wasn't until 1720, with the arrival of the evangelizing force of the Jesuit legions, that a definite human settlement would form, now known as La Paz.

Malecon Alvaro Obregon is one of the areas that concentrate the social, tourism and business life of the city. Spectacularly remodeled, it hosts the best restaurants, shops, night center, bars and specialized stores. It is perfect of relaxing night walks and romantic strolls while enjoying amazing sunsets over the sea.

Traditional space of reference and social gathering, it shares the atmosphere of local hospitality. It is a beautiful green area with flower gardens, decorated with benches, a kiosk and its characteristic Hongo de Balandra fountain. Buildings of typical local architecture surround this beautiful space.

This architectural jewel now stands where the Jesuits Juan de Ugarte and Bravo built the Nuestra Señora de la Paz mission in 1720. The whole architectural complex was concluded in 1861 and is an exceptionally beautiful work.

Modern cultural center exhibiting a rich sample of local culture within its three permanent halls through archeological, ethnographic, mineral and historic pieces that give the peninsula's citizens their identity and speak of the region's history.

Environmental park preserving and exhibiting one of the largest reptile collections in Mexico within habitats designed according to the region, holding more than 150 species.

Located at one of the most beautiful beaches of La Paz, El Caimancito, the Las Californias Aquarium exhibits the beauty of the marine fauna living in the coast of this California peninsula.

Located on Cabezud alley, just a few feet from the coastal street, Wyland Mural is a representation of the marine world, exhibiting hundreds of species living in Cortes Sea. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Wyland has shared his monumental art at important cities of Mexico, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zeland, showing the beautiful life of the ocean.

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