Where to Eat in Morelia

Located inside the hotel with the same name, here you can enjoy a wide option menu of international dishes.
Av. Rey Tangaxoan #590 Col. Vistabella
Phone (443) 314 0284

Like its name, this restaurant offers dishes with a salmon base, the specialty of the house.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra #718 Col. Ventura Puente

Argentinean cuisine
Amado Nervo #404 Zona Centro Histórico

Brazilian kitchen
Av. Camelinas #287 Col. Felix Ireta

In this cafeteria you can feed your senses not only with food, but with distinct manifestations of culture such as poetry, music, and paintings.
Av. Madero Pte. #875

The tradition of Morelia gives place to this modern and popular place of international kitchen.
Artilleros #47 Col. Chapultepec Oriente

Secretaría de Turismo de Morelia, en http://www.visitmorelia.com

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