Where to Go / What to Do in Chilpancingo

With the goal of promoting tourism to the city, the government has created the Circuito Chilpancingo Azul, through which you can visit the new Palacio de Gobierno (the former suffered severe damage during an earthquake and had to be demolished), Museo Regional de Guerrero, Tribunal Superior de Justicia and the churches of San Mateo and Santa María de la Asunción. Additionally, for those who enjoy contact with nature and interactive learning, the city has the Museo de Niño (also called La Avispa) and the Zoochilpan Zoo. Don't forget to visit one of nature's deepest wonders, the Cacahuamilpa Grotto.

This zoo has all the necessary services and exhibits where you can find local species like the puma, jaguar and Gila monster; besides exotic animals like the ñu or African antelope, the watusi and howling monkey, whose vocal cords are so powerful that its howls can be heard 4 Km. away; it also has an aquarium, a reptile area and temporary art exhibits.
Av. Moisés Guevara S/N Esq. Arturo Martínez Adame
Phone (747) 25906

One of the country's four interactive museums is La Avispa Museum or Children Museum because it will make you feel like a child! Science and technology converge in the facilities of this modern museum so through fun and interesting games young and old can learn better.

From Tuesday to Sunday you can enjoy a tour through the history of Mexico, Guerrero and Chilpancingo in this museum with three exhibit halls. Hosted in the former municipal palace, the building is part of the tour through downtown.

Open to the public since 1920, this grotto is part of the natural wealth of all Latin America, for its beauty and size it is considered the most important in the continent.

Currently, 90 cavities or rooms have artificial light and corridors for easy tours. Throughout the 2 kilometer walk you can observe numerous shapes that have given name to the halls as palm trees, cathedral and fountain.

Declared "“National Park"” by President Lazaro Cardenas in 1936, the Cacahuamilpa Grotto offers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant excursion along the Sierra Madre Mountain Range on the south of Guerrero.

Located only 11 kilometers to the southeast of Chilpancingo, this grotto of beautiful whimsical shapes is waiting for you in a 1 kilometer tour. Also, if you are a Speleology aficionado, certain galleries of this limestone grotto have hallways, crevices and the necessary level of difficulty to test your dexterity.


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