Boating, The Mexican-Center Pacific Route: Acapulco

This maritime route takes us through the coasts, bays and marinas of the state of Guerrero while visiting a beautiful and especially attractive port: Acapulco.

We recommend you to take your boat to Marina Acapulco. This is a new project on the traditional “Acapulco Marina” which has been renewed by adding a set of services, amenities, and new facilities that match it with the best marinas in the world. Among these facilities we can mention a yacht club of more than 3000 square meters, which offers a whole range of commodities including gym, lounge, business center, pools, restaurant and bar, game room, spa with sauna and steam, etc., everything surrounded by beautiful gardens, and featuring a high level architectural design, custom-built by the firm GVA. This Marina is under construction, but it already welcomes yachts and boats to it's current docks at great docking prices.

La Marina Acapulco offers more than 269 places for your vessel, either if it’s a boat or a yacht of 20 feet long or a mega yacht of more than 240 feet in length. After docking, you will have at your disposal all the services needed for a comfortable stay: electricity, pressurized water, secured access, and more. Your boat will be protected against several weather conditions, thanks to the construction technology of the docks (from SF Marina-Sweden), which ensure its stability and protection.

You can enter La Marina Acapulcoas a visitor, paying for the stay of your boat which will grant you access to the corresponding facilities of the Yacht Club, or you can acquire your Membership which offers different levels and options to suit your needs.

Next, we will outline some of the attractions we recommend you to visit once you have arrived on land.

Tres Vidas Golf Course

Located near the Acapulco International Airport, Tres Vidas is considered one of the best golf courses in the world and has hosted various international tournaments. Its design was made by the prestigious and world renowned Architect Robert Von Hagge. The 18-hole course has an extension of more than 7200 yards, all on a beautiful area full of grass.

La Roqueta Island

It is located across the beaches of Caleta and Caletilla, where we can find the dock from where the boats leave for this island, and constitutes a very interesting place for its “sub aquatic” attraction. History tells us that here, pirates used to hide their treasures after having assaulted the travelers that crossed those seas. (This doesn’t happen anymore…it’s only history now!) Small, with less than a square kilometer on its surface, La Roqueta Island is a calm place where fishermen feel safe, since an image of the Virgin of the Seas, who is considered by the residents as the fishermen´s patron saint, remains submerged since 1958 and can be seen if traveling in a certain type of vessel, through a glass adapted for viewing. Once in the island, the visitor can enjoy its beautiful vegetation. Also, due to its calm waves, it is a very safe place for diving. Another attraction worth visiting is the lighthouse, which offers the visitor an impressive and marvelous view of the Acapulco bay.

Pichilingue Beach

The Beach of Pichilingüe is a small private beach located in the exclusive zone called Acapulco Diamante, just northeast of the Puerto Marques Bay. Being a very luxurious place, it is common to see artists and celebrities arriving in their own yachts. In its surroundings we can find exclusive villas, hotels, and condominiums, besides being the ideal place for people that enjoy the beach in an environment of calm and gentle waves.

Becco al Mare Restaurant

With a modern, sober and elegant ambience, and in a very exclusive atmosphere, the Becco al Mare Restaurant provides the visitor a contemporary Italian cuisine based on sea products, besides providing an extensive variety of wines. The restaurant quality is undeniable: It has been recommended by the New York Times as one of the Best Restaurants in Acapulco, and its location on the scenic road allows the visitor to have a majestic view of the bay, while enjoying a memorable evening.

Harry’s Restaurant

Located inside La Isla Shopping Center in the refined zone of Playa Diamante, Harry’s Restaurant offers Sea and Land dishes, with a specialty in Dry-Aged Prime cuts that have an incomparable softness and unique taste. Other Premium ingredients of its kitchen are the U-4 shrimp from Thailand, Alaska King Crab, lobster from Maine and Aged Cheddar Cheese from Vermont. The ingredients are transported several times a week by air from their place of origin to guarantee their freshness. The high quality of its ingredients adds to an ample cava and the excellent service of its personnel, which together provide a perfect combination for an unforgettable evening.

La Isla Shopping Center

With a high level concept in mind, this shopping center offers more than 150 stores in an area of 45,000 square meters. Inside its premises we can find a water park, a “swimming with dolphins” attraction, bingo, movie theaters and two nightclubs. One of its main features is El Palacio de Hierro Department Store, which includes a select supply of designer articles, state of the art technology and more. Located in the Acapulco Diamante zone, La Isla is a must for the visitor that enjoys shopping in the best places and buying items of the highest quality.

Acapulco offers world class places to enjoy your stay: From your arrival to La Marina Acapulco with its modern facilities, to its fine international cuisine restaurants, its beautiful golf courses next to the ocean, and the best beaches to rest and enjoy nature, we are sure it will be an unforgettable stay that, without a doubt, you will want to relive!

Article produced by the Editorial Team of "Explorando Mexico".
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Photo: Jorge Aboumrad