Schools in Saltillo

Since the XIX century, the City of Saltillo, stands out for its great amount of intellectuals and for the high level of Ateneo Fuente college, and because of that the city is known as the "“America's Atenea"”.
Today, Saltillo has a lot of educational opportunities (public and private), and the base of this is the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila.

Built in 1857, today it has 7 bachellor degree schools, 18 college level schools and masters only in Saltillo, because it has schools also in Torreon, Monclova, Nueva Rosita, Allende, Piedras Negras y Ciudad Acuña.

Built in 1950, it's a college institute.
Venustiano Carranza #2400 Col. Tecnológico
Phone (844) 438 9500

It is a bilingual education system from kindergarten to junior high.
Blvd. Américas Unidas Apartado 45
Phone (844) 415 9572

It's a private bilingual institute from kindergarten to high school.
Calle 20 #985 Fraccionamiento Lourdes
Phone (844) 4172382

City of Saltillo Official internet website

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