Fiesta Brava en Huamantla (Author: Alan Cordova), Tlaxcala

Fiesta Brava en Huamantla (Author: Alan Cordova)

Fiesta Brava en Huamantla (Author: Alan Cordova)

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About the changes in hoy no circula
At mid-2014, reforms and changes in the regulation of traffic in the Mexico City generated disagreement and especially confusion among visitors and residents of the city. In fact, in many cases it seemed that even politicians and authorities’ didn´t know all the details or the whole idea. Here's a review of the hoy no circula program (no drive days) and it´s restrictions. Read More>>

Mountain Climbing and Mexico's Highest Mountains
Mexico offers mountain climbers tempting peaks to explore and where to contemplate the country’s beautiful valleys. The infrastructure Read More>>

Cacaxtla and its murals
In the state of Tlaxcala, near the town of Nativitas, is the archaeological site of Cacaxtla, a magnificent example of pre-Hispanic art and specifically of the descendants of the Olmec... Read More>>

Skydiving and Paragliding in México
Skydiving consists of jumping with a parachute from an airplane, helicopter or balloon. After a few seconds of free fall, the parachute opens, allowing the control of direction and speed. Read More>>

Mexico's Highest Mountains and their Attractive Features
One of the features that distinguishes the whole Mexican Republic is the variety in its elevations and its great mountain ranges. There are some elevations that stand above the Read More>>

Tortilla, Crucial Element of Mexican Gastronomy
Tortillas are, without a doubt, the crucial element of Mexican gastronomy. Corn is in itself the most representative element of Read More>>

The EPR in Mexico
The Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR for its initials in Spanish) is a guerilla that is part of Partido Democrático Popular Revolucionario Read More>>

The Historical meaning of the term "Malinchismo"
Upon the arrival of the Spaniards, people like the Tlaxcaltec were confronting the Aztec dominion, a situation that contributed, among Read More>>

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