Where to Go / What to Do in Culiacán

This park is more than just a zoo, it has a library, a theatre, a museum and sport complex. It has become an excellent ally with basic science education for kids and youth.
Centro Cívico Constitucion Rafael Buelna s/n Col. Centro
Phone (667) 713 2629

The Sinaloa government opened its doors to the MASIN in 1991, which is located in the capital of the state, with the objective to promote culture and education among its people. It has permanent and temporary exhibitions of national and international art, a public library of art, handcraft stores, and space for cultural events.
Rafael Buelna y Roberto Paliza
Phone (667) 716 1750

Imala is a town located a few kilometers from the city of Culiacan that in the last years has discovered its tourist vocation thanks to its thermal waters, spa, beautiful pottery, and the selling of chorizos and cheeses.

A family recreational center where every weekend families unite for walks, skating, playing with the kids all while preparing delicious meats on the grill in the designated areas.

Wether you like hunting or prefer baseball, in Culiacan you can enjoy diverse activities. In Caza Pichigula Club, one of the best in Mexico, you will find ducks, birds and one of the best shooting ranges in the world. The city also has a baseball stadium, home of the Culiacan Tomateros, a soccer stadium, house of the Culiacan Dorados, a racquet club, and the Casa and Fishing Club of Sinaloa. .

Movement, water and color make this one of the visitors favorite shows in Culiacan. This type of show is unique in Mexico and is also free. Do not forget to go to the Dancing Fountains of Culiacan on your next visit.

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