Where to Eat in Puerto Escondido

If this is your first time visiting Puerto Escondido, you can be sure of two things, the enchantment of its beaches' beauty and falling in love with the coastal cuisine "– from Oaxaca in its restaurants. At Puerto Escondido you will find fresh fish and seafood of excellent flavor, as well as its unparallel typical dishes of Oaxaca gastronomy. Upon arrival, inquire about the area of El Adoquín and you will find many restaurants, bars and nightclubs of excellent quality and service.

Start your day right with a delicious Mexican breakfast.
Locales 10 y 11 Sección "C"

The best seafood in the area.

Seafood and Italian specialties.
Alfonso Pérez Gazga
Zona turística El Adoquin

Italian specialties and good wine.
Alfonso Pérez Gazga
Zona turística El Adoquin

Flamboyant 208

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