Where to Eat in Chihuahua

Converging in the great city of Chihuahua are traditional restaurants of regional cuisine, specialized kitchens from around the world as Argentinean and Italian, besides numerous establishments of North American International fast-food chains as Chili's, Applebee's and Sirloin Stockade; offering more than one option for every occasion from the most informal and family oriented to the most exclusive and intimate.

Av. Juárez y Colón #3300
Phone (614) 416 0222

Carretera Aldama Km. 6.5 to the airport
Phone (614) 436 2429

Ortiz MENA #1800
Phone (614) 416 8399

Plaza Hollywood Local #10
Quintas del Valle

Periférico de la Juventud #5708
La Cantera
Phone (614) 430 1000

Periférico de la Juventud #3501-1
Las Haciendas
Phone (614) 430 1116

North American franchise with international buffet.
Periférico de la Juventud #6501 Local 7
Plaza las Haciendas
Phone (614) 423 2017


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