Where to Eat in Veracruz

The entity's coastal position gathers a long Indian, Spanish and AfroAntillian tradition for creating a vast and diverse cuisine. On the coast of Veracruz, the most outstanding sea dishes are octopus in its ink, shrimp empanadas, chilpachole and Veracruz style ponyfish, with worldwide fame.

Fish and seafood restaurant.
Blvd. Ávila Camacho #102 en Playa Boca del Río

Famous fresh seafood restaurant.
In front of Playas de Mocambo

Typical Veracruz cuisine
16 de Septiembre #700

Delicious rose-style shrimp and other dishes from a menu of regional and international cuisine.
Independencia #1187 Centro

Great steaks and other specialties of Argentinean cuisine.
Bernal Díaz del Castillo #187

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