Nightlife in Mazatlán

Mega complex of marroquian style fun. In its interior you will find bars, video bars, and nightclubs such as Valentino´s and Bora Bora.

Nightclub with electronic music and an impressive laser light show where you can enjoy your night on the dance floor.

BORA BORA Bar & Beach Club
An outdoor party with the best ocean view. Every night Bora Bora is guaranteed fun that lasts until morning.

A bar with a great atmosphere, it is one of the preferred by foreigners who desire to relax with the prepared specialty drinks of the house.
Avenida del Mar Col. Palo Prieto

A cantina with rockola and televisión screens for transmitting Mexican soccer games. The beers are only 10 pesos.
Luis Zuñiga corner with Aquiles Cerdán Col Centro

Good music, pool tables, giant screens with the best soccer games and cultural events, in one of the best bars in Mazatlan.

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