About Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juarez is the capital of one of the states with the most ethnic and cultural diversity in all of Mexico. It sits at the foot of the Sierra Madre. Inhabited in the year 1468 by Aztec soldiers, the capital was founded in 1521 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orozco, under the name of Tepeaca. Only five years later it was ascended to ¨villa¨ under the name of Antequera.

The development of the villa, according to banners in the Spanish cities, was due to Juan Pelaez de Berrio in 1529, he was also responsible for the development of the city of Mexico. In 1532 it took the official name of City of Guajaca by orders of the Spanish king Carlos V. It is said that the name was given it because of the many Guaje trees found in the area.

With the arrival of colonies came the arrival of catholic missionaries who took charge of the spiritual conquering of the indigenous people. In Oaxaca it was the Dominicos who took care of this process.

According to the data of the last population census done by the INEGI in 2005, the county of Oaxaca de Juarez has a population total of 265,033 inhabitants, of which 20,109 belong to indigenous ethnicities.

The Oaxaca people are baseball fanatics. It is for this reason we find a baseball park in the city named Jose Vasconcelos, in honor of the great political leader. The home team is called Guerreros de Oaxaca.

The economy of the city is supported mainly by tourism due to the great architecture and culture exhibited. Its beautiful black clay handcrafts, textile borders and paintings of well known Oaxaca artists such as Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Nieto, among others can be found here.

The International Airport of Oaxaca is located in the capital of the state, and has the best services such as the arrival of bigger national airlines with daily connections to the large international centers, car rental, commercial area and restaurants, ATMs, public phones, medical services, and handicap services.

Traveling by land we find the new highway Cuacnopalam-Tehuacan-Oaxaca; with communication to the cities of Mexico, Puebla and Veracruz among others. It also has federal highways, state highways, and internal roads.

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