Where to Eat in Ensenada

Next, we present a list of excellent restaurants located in the city. The specialties, like in any other harbor city, are the plates made with fruits of the sea. Given the size of this city, directions are not really necessary to arrive at the proposed places.

Ensenada is home of the famous "“fish tacos"”, and the best place to try them are the tiny and neat "“puestos de tacos"” next to the Black Market.

Founded in 1892, this is the oldest cantina in the city and its original wood entrance still welcomes all of its clients. Also, it is the place where the world famous Margaritas were invented.

This is an excellent place to enjoy local food accompanied by "“norteña"”, salsa and "“merengue"” music.

This Family restaurant has more than 50 years offering the best in seafood.

International recipes prepared with the freshest seafood.
Blvd. Lázaro Cardenas # 987
Tel: (646) 174 0717

The finest variety of Mexican food.
Av. Juarez #1098
Tel: (646) 174 0537

The oldest French restaurant in Mexico, it has been open for more than 50 years.
Blvd. Lopez Mateos con Blancarte
Tel: (646) 178 1733

Elegant place where you can enjoy seafood, steaks and fish with the best service.
Blvd. Costero con Delante

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Ensenada Website, http://www.portal-ensenada.com

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