Where to Eat in Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan provides a delicious gastronomy from throughout the State of Mexico at its multiple restaurants and picturesque informal booths. Among the most recommended dishes are barbacoa, lamb consommé and pork.

You can also find culinary samples that resulted from the fusion of prehispanic and modern dishes such as capulines, mountain mushrooms, ajolotes and the traditional pulque. Other delicacies of the region are sausage, tacos de plaza, fish tamales, pancita, quesadillas of squash flowers, huitlacoche, tlacoyos and gorditas, among others.

Located behind the Pyramid of the Sun, if offers delicious Mexican dishes and a Mexican folklore show.
In front of access door #5.

Av. Hidalgo #26 Teotihuacan inside Hotel Quinto Sol

Mexican and international cuisine.
In front of access doors # 1 and 2

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