Nightlife in Acapulco

Crammed dance clubs where to dance until sunrise, bars without inhibitions, lounge style night clubs with a view of the bay and bohemian bars are part of the vast offer of nightclubs you will find along Costera Miguel Alemán and Carretera Escénica. Acapulco is fun day and night, 365 days a year. This nocturnal paradise only a four hour drive away from the countryÂ's capital is a guarantee every single weekend. Additionally, during long weekends and vacations it is one of MexicoÂ's most popular destinations. Acapulco is also one of the preferred places for North American spring breakers.

Explorando Mexico recommends the nightclubs we consider AcapulcoÂ's best.


One of the best dance clubs in Acapulco and Mexico. A classic at the port, BabyÂ'O has been the number one nightclub in Acapulco for its exclusiveness, amazing music and great atmosphere. Fun in this club doesnÂ't stop until sunrise. You donÂ't need to go to any after-hours because you can stay at this club until well past eight in the morning. Some recommendations: if you are visiting during long weekends or vacations make reservations, try the baby mangos at the bar, do not leave without ending your night at the Baby diner and last, have a lot of money! The Baby is a monument of the port!


For the youth 16 to 21 years of age it is an excellent option. Alebrije has been for many years the most popular nightclub for those under 20. It is a place that fits more than 2,500 persons and has an open bar. Try its exotic drinks!


This spectacular club just opened in 2007 and has been a complete success since its inauguration. With a different concept, an extraordinary view of Acapulco Bay and an outdoor deck, it no doubt deserves your visit. We highly recommend it!


One of foreignerÂ's favorites, this nightclub is spectacular. If you enjoy a more intense atmosphere, you will absolutely love its electronic music and exotic shows! Enjoy its view of the bay and listen to the renowned DJs who frequently visit the Palladium, but donÂ't forget to dance next to the huge windows and welcome the new day by enjoying a panoramic view of the Â"“Beautiful Port of AcapulcoÂ"”.


It is another new acquisition for the great port of Acapulco. This restaurant that turns into a nightclub also just opened in November 2007 but has a lot of potential. Enjoy its exclusiveness. French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch, take pleasure in this option at the port!



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