Where to Eat in Acapulco

To visit the beautiful port of Acapulco is a feast not only for the eyes, but also for the palate. Here you will find the vastest variety of kitchens and restaurants with the most delicious sea fare of Mexico and the most select international cuisine. No matter your budget, in Acapulco you will enjoy excellent food in a small establishment of typical cuisine or in one of the twenty best and exclusive restaurants worldwide.


High international cuisine in a sophisticated ambiance with international recognition, catalogued as one of the twenty best restaurants in the world.

Carretera Escénica 33B


Inexpensive and delicious Mexican cuisine.

Costera Miguel Alemán 1480


Fresh fish and seafood prepared in the typical Acapulco style.

Costera Miguel Alemán y Nao Victoria

Almirante Bretón 3


Mexican restaurant.

Avenida Anáhuac 110


As stated by its name, take pleasure in an exquisite selection of fish and seafood while enjoying the beautiful view of Puerto Marques Bay.

Carretera Escénica 5255


Elegant restaurant located to the east of the bay with a select menu of international dishes.

Roca Sola 15



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