Where to Eat in Torreón

In Torreón there is a place for every craving because it has a gastronomical offer in a great range of nationalities. Don't forget to taste the delicious Norteño dishes of fried pork and adobo, as well as delicious grilled steaks and other Mexican specialties.

Northern Mexico cuisine specializing in grilled goat.
Donato Guerra #1001 Norte, Zona Centro
Phone (871) 713-4715

Mexican cuisine.
Blvd. Constitución #421 Oriente
Phone (871) 716-9228

Paella from Valencia and other specialties of Spanish cuisine.
Degollado #693 Norte, Zona Centro
Phone (871) 718-1304

Arab cuisine
Periférico Raúl López Sánchez Galería Laguna
Blvd. Independencia # 1100 interior 27 Hipermart

Enjoy one of the most delicious dishes of Mexico's north, fried pork.
Paseo del Tecnológico # 467 Col. Ampl. La Rosita
Río Balsas y Río de la Plata Col. Navarro

Delicious Mexican specialties.
Blvd. Constitución y Salvador Creel

International dishes.
Blvd. Independencia #1300 Cuatro Caminos

Gourmet restaurant.
Matamoros #51 Oriente

Health food option.
Blvd. Independencia #3798-A Col. El Fresno
Paseo De La Rosita # 401-C
Paseo Del Tecnológico #880 on the corner of Vasconcelos

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