Where to Stay inCatemaco

Catemaco has a wide offer of rooms; however, during the seasons of greater tourism as Easter and other national holidays, the good hotels quickly get all their rooms taken and if you don't have a reservation you must have your own camping tent, because the spaces for tents are also rented, as well as the showers and restrooms.

3 stars
Traditional hotel with a beautiful view of the Catemaco Lake. It offers air conditioning and TV in the rooms, pool, restaurant and cafeteria.
Costera del Golfo 0.5 km to the south of Catemaco
Phone (294) 947 9700

2 stars
Ideal for those who enjoy being in touch with nature, located besides the Catemaco Lagoon.
4 km to the northeast of Catemaco

2 stars
Modern and clean rooms with air conditioning and Internet Access.
Located to the south of the coastal avenue.

1 star
Inexpensive hotel offering the option of sleeping on a hammock or in your own camping tent.
Located in Pozolapan 11 km to the southeast of Catemaco

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