About Guaymas

The Seris were the original inhabitants of the current Sonora city of Guaymas and were distinguished for being great rebel artists who always refused to be evangelized by Catholic missionaries.

In the year 1703, Jesuit missionary Juan Salvatierra founded the mission San José de Guaymas, the place where the town of the same name was born. However, the warrior skills of the region’s Indians and their indomitable spirit repelled the bay’s colonization until 1769, when the Spanish army was finally able to submit the rebels, due in part to being officially recognized two years before as Bay of Guaymas by a Viceroyalty decree for developing the military conquest operations of the rebels, in this case of the Seri tribe.

As most Mexican ports, during the XVII and XVIII centuries, Guaymas suffered pirate attacks.

Its development as a fishing and commercial port reached the category of high port in 1837.

In sovereign Mexico, this coastal city’s dwellers had to confront the invading French army, which they defeated in 1854.

Five years later, the villa attained a city category.

Located 117 kilometers from Hermosillo, the capital of the State of Sonora, the municipality of Guaymas has a surface of 12,208 squared kilometers, occupying 6% of state territory.

This city is the State’s most important tourism destination because the Bay of San Carlos is a great attraction for the aficionados of the sea and beautiful beaches. It is also a fishing center with great infrastructure for the capture and commercialization of shrimp, sardine and squid. Additionally, the Valle de Guaymas practices wheat, hemp, corn and garden agriculture.

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