Where to Eat in Hermosillo

The state of Sonora is known for being one of the best meat producers in the world, for this reason, its gastronomy is based mainly on beef and pork. Delicious cuts of meat prepared on the grill, on dishes such as chivichanga and chorizo or traditional caramel tacos and tostadas Lorenza fill the tables in the restaurants of Hermosillo. The breakfast dishes are based on jerkeys, beef and sweet tamales accompanied by delicious desserts such as coyotas, coricos, and sweet capirotada, especially during catholic week. These are the dishes sought by locals and foreigners.

Specializing in meats.
Blvd Navarrete #85 Col. La Huerta

Mexican Food.
Calle 20 de Noviembre
Phone (662) 210 2099

Typical Sonora food and meats.
Carretera a Ures y Río San Miguel

Mexican and Sonora food.
Blvd. Vildosola #208 Col. Pedregal de la Villa
Phone (662) 250 8319

This Mexican franchise of seafood restaurants is guaranteed excellence in kitchen and a great atmosphere.
Ocampo y Michel #43 Col. Centenario

Seafood Restaurant.
Reforma y Michel Col. Centro

Restaurante de comida cantonesa cuya especialidad de la casa es el pato laqueado y pato asado.
Rosales #91 esquina Morelia Col. Centro
Tel. (662) 212 7717

Its fine Sonora style cuts of meats, and goat are the best in the city.
Periferico Poniente #325
Phone (662) 218 3555

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