Where to Eat in La Paz

Located on the beach, El Tecolote has 40 huts and an event hall with a capacity of 300 guests. The house specialty is “pescado zarandeado”, it’s a way of preparing the fish on a grill, also stuffed clams and mixed cocktail.
Carretera a Pichilingue km 27.5 en Playa Tecolote
Phone (612) 122 0672

International cuisine restaurant, located on the dock, and it offers rib and steak as its specialty.
Álvaro Obregón y Colegio Militar
Phone (612) 123 5055

A great sea food restaurant of great tradition. The main dish is the shrimp stuffed steak.
Altamirano y Degollado
Phone (612) 122 4854

It’s the newest Bismark branch. Its cooking is focused on a more modern cuisine, such as seafood tacos, this restaurants trademark.
Álvaro Obregón s/n frente al Malecón
Phone (612) 128 9900

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