Hospitals in Puebla

The city of Puebla de Los Angeles is one of the most important urban concentrations in the country. It has excellent medical services for attending to the insured and general population. Free medical services of the state, such as the IMSS, ISSTE and Social Security as well as numerous hospitals and private specialty centers, offer services to the city.

Only level 3 private hospital, certified by the Counsel of Health of Mexico.
Calle 11 Oriente 1862 Col. Azcarate
Phone (222) 213 8300

Av. Kepler 2133 Col. Reserva Territorial
Phone (222) 303 6600

Public hospital.
Calle 25 Poniente 13 Sur Col. Volcanes de Puebla
Phone (222) 243 3377

Calle 20 Oriente 1002 Col. San Francisco
Tel. (222) 235 8786

Calle 52 Poniente 913 Col. Santa María
Tel. (222) 220 5904

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