Where to Go / What to Do in Puerto Escondido

The beautiful and calm beaches of Mexico's best coast provide the perfect frame for a vast array of water and recreation activities. In Playa Bacocho and Puerto Angelito, for example, qualified instructors will assist you in submerging into the sea's depth diving or staying a little longer on the surface for observing the delicate marine species with a snorkel. At these same beaches you can also pump your adrenaline to the max if you decide to parachute jump. At Playa Zicatela, these types of extreme activities are motivated by its geographic characteristics for being an open sea beach of great length and abrupt slope. Other activities you can practice assisted by professionals are open sea fishing, surfing and tandem flights.

Located on Playa Mazunte, this is a scientific research and preservation of the numerous species of Mexican turtles in danger of extinction.

Mangroves and six different types of jungle await you for being explored at the Lagunas de Chacahua National Park. Also outstanding is the presence of numerous endemic species, which means, exclusive to the zone, which are still preserved.

Water birds feeding from the abundant marine fauna and living in a beautiful lagoon surrounded by mangroves is what your tour through Laguna de Manialtepec assures you. If you are a fishing aficionado, here you can relax and throw the fishhook for taking a mojarra, mullet or catfish for dinner.

Surrounded by mangroves and located very near the city of Puerto Escondido, this is a small escape to the tranquility of Mother Nature.

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