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Beginning August 17, 2007 it will open its doors to the public, a steel museum whose objective is to near the community to science and technology through the modern facilities that will allow an interactive and exciting experience. The main spaces of this center, located in Fundidora Park, are the Steel Gallery, the Show del Horno, and the Viaje a la Cima Del Horno.


This natural reserve is located on the Rayones Highway on the 9th km approximately 45 minutes from the city of Monterrey. With a safari styled structure, the Biopark allows visitors to enter a Serengeti Safari on a ¨masai¨ truck to observe from close up the hippos, elephants, giraffes and spider monkeys in their natural habitat. etc.

A mini zoo designed especially for the young to allow them to fellowship with distinct animal species. The waterfalls, snack zones and recreational areas also form part of the attraction of this fun place.


The giant Paloma de San Juan Soriano, is a monumental bronze sculpture kept at the MARCO, the contemporary art museum of the city. Located inside a modern facility, MARCO is the most important cultural space in all Latin America and a great promoter of visual art in Latin America.

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