Where to Eat in Durango

Trova and mariachi music will delight you while enjoying exquisite Mexican cuisine in this antique colonial mansion.
Negrete #308 poniente Col. Centro
Phone (618) 811 1747

Italian restaurant, very popular among Durango's population for its pizzas, the best in the city!
Constitución #114 norte Col. Centro
Phone (618) 813 3138

Durango's great tradition, Gorditas Gabino offers home style Mexican dishes in an agreeable and simple ambiance. Gorditas are the house's specialty with a great variety of stews to choose from.
Constitución #100 norte Col Centro
Phone (618) 811 8595

Elegant Durango restaurant, the Casa de Teja offers the best international cuisine in an intimate and select environment.
20 de noviembre #301 oriente Col. Centro
Phone (618) 811 3706

International restaurant located inside the hotel of the same name.
20 de Noviembre #811 poniente Col. Centro
Phone (618) 811 3599


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