Attractions in Boca del Río Veracruz

Boca del Río is only 12 Km. south of Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico, on the edge of a calm lagoon where people fish shrimp, oyster, crab and crayfish. One of the activities visitors love the most is taking boat rides through the lagoon to enjoy its wonderful flora and fauna.

The warm climate with an average temperature of 25º C is ideal for enjoying its beaches and practicing water sports.

This city received its name for being located where River Jamapa flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The Mexicas called it Tlapaquitan (lost land). The Spanish named it River Banderas because when they arrived, Indians used flags to communicate with them.

The Summer Cultural Festival BOCAFEST is a celebration enjoyed by national and international tourists, as an introduction to the traditional Patron Festival of Santa Ana. These two fun celebrations are known as Las Fiestas de Boca. BOCAFEST gathers excellent performers of many different genres, the 2008 edition was embellished with the concerts of Natalia Lafourcade, Aleks Syntek, María de Barrios, Ely Guerra, Oscar Chavez and Sonora Santanera. Putumayo World Music Records participated with three of its most distinguished performers. This festival was a delight for jazz lovers with Tim Rice, Big Band Jazz de Mexico, Margie Bermejo and the Mabarak Quartet.

It’s worth visiting Boca del Rio to enjoy its delightful gastronomy. This place is famous for its wrapped fish, crab chilpachole, snail salad and its famous Toritos, drinks prepared with sugar cane alcohol and fruits.

The Veracruz Coral Reef System is formed by a group of islets and 17 coral reefs. It spans over the municipalities of Boca del Rio and Veracruz. With great effort, great scientists and environmentalists are dedicated to preserving this reef to safeguard the diversity and balance of its species. This reef system is one of Mexico’s Thirteen Natural Wonders, it is approximately 10 million years old and was decreed Natural Protected Area in 1992. Its coral reefs rise from 50 meters deep, forming a submarine range with more than 350 sunken ships, a unique scuba diving adventure.

Visitors love this city because they can practice many fun sports like kayaking to Isla de Sacrificios, raft down its white water rivers, horseback ride through its paths and rappel down its ravines.

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