Cozumel, a Paradise for Diving

Located 12 miles to the west of the coasts of Quintana Roo, the largest in Mexico with approximately 250 square miles, jungle vegetation with water so clear you can see the coral reef known as part of the Maya Reef, the second reef system in the world, it offers tourists the entrance to a paradise of immense sea diversity which has attracted research by famous scientists.

That's why diving introduces you into a new environment for humans, one we are not designed for, making it worthy of respect and value. Diving has provided an infinite amount of information to different disciplines such as science, geology, archeology, history and research. It also achieves the preservation and protection of the sea’s fauna and flora.

Diving has great physical benefits for humans because it exercises most of the body’s muscles, favors breathing while increasing lung capacity and psychomotor skills, also motivating relaxation and tranquility.

Cozumel offers diverse, monumental and astounding places for diving, such as Santa Rosa, Palancar, Paraíso, Punta Sur, Yucab, Cordona and Maracaibo. It is important to remember that diving in Cozumel is spectacular, but also of high risk, so it is recommend that divers have experience or at least supervision, because its reefs are intricate and offer refuge for diverse sea species including turtles, sharks, stingrays, sponges, dolphins, lobsters and millions of other species.

Cozumel allows diving beginners to observe the ocean while snorkeling through its clean waters by the beach, as in Uva beach and its impressive reefs, Planacar or Columbia while enjoying its beauty or admiring the magic of Chauknanaab Reef with its exotic fish, corals where visitors can face an imposing barracuda, chacchis and other inhabitants of the reef, discover the attractions of the Christ, the Virgin and the chacmol, a breathtaking landscape when viewing its awe inspiring cavern, making it a whimsical and wonderful life experience while accompanied by a diving instructor who teaches visitors the basic aspects of this activity. You can start with a first lesson with water up to the chest and end 10 meters deep; for children there is a program called “bubbling” for practicing and feeling the experience so they don’t feel left out.

With an endless number of tropical fish shoals found among the sea currents and a world of walls sloping towards the abysmal depths, where sunken ships and tunnels in the island provoke mystery, with visibility up to 200 feet, 30,000 kilometers of coral reefs in translucent waters make it seem like you are flying instead of swimming, Cozumel is a place where words aren’t enough to describe its full wonder, it is better to visit it an see for yourself.

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Foto: Serge Melki