Bacalar, A Special Site

Bacalar is located to the north of Chetumal in Quintana Roo. It can be reached by car or taxi. The site has a system uniting the four Cenote that create the seven color lagoon. Bakhalal in Mayan means “surrounded by reeds”.

It is a Mayan town for whom Cenote were sacred. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in 1543, the town was founded with the name of Salamanca de Bacalar.

The activities it offers are focused on enjoying the natural sites, especially its lagoon, through water sports as in diving and Cenote exploration, in its Cenote Azul.

The lagoon is important for the colors created by the combination of white sand, minerals as sulfur and the optical effects produced by its crystals.

The lagoon is formed by the waters of the various Cenote converging, with subterranean lime formations of great beauty, which can be explored with the right equipment. There are areas of little depth but it gets deeper throughout the cavern system.

Out of the water there are other attractions for visitors, besides a rich Mayan cuisine, you can practice sports like walking, ecotourism and trips through the jungle areas nearby, but the site is especially great for resting.

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