Where to Eat in Uxmal

At the ruins of Uxmal there aren't any stores or providers of established services because we need to take care and preserve our cultural heritage. However, in the surroundings we can find establishments of traditional dishes from Yucatan, Mexico and worldwide.

Exquisite regional dishes with ingredients produced and harvested by the cooks themselves!
Kilómetro 12 Carretera Muna, Uxmal
Phone (997) 971 0102

Located within the facilities of beautiful Hotel Hacienda Uxmal, its kitchen specializes in gourmet food from Yucatan, besides offering delicious Mexican specialties and seafood.
Carretera Mérida Campeche Km. 78

Located within the facilities of Hotel Mision Uxmal, it offers traditional dishes from Yucatan and Mexico with live music and an excellent view of the Uxmal ruins.
Muna, Uxmal by Carretera Campeche Mérida Km. 78

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