Where to Stay inCórdoba

4 stars
Located 5 minutes from the historic center of Cordoba, Villa Florida offers room service, restaurant, laundry and dry cleaning besides pool and beautiful gardens for resting.
Av. 1 #3002 entre Calles 30 y 32
Phone (271) 716 3333

4 stars
Modern hotel with wireless internet, room service, pool and restaurant.
Av. 1 #2623 en Plaza Fundadores
Phone: (271) 718 0777

3 stars
It offers clean rooms with air conditioning and TV; in addition to having wireless Internet.
Av. 2 y Calle 5 #319 Col. Centro
Phone: (271) 712 8122

3 stars
Calle 5 No. 2306 entre Av. 23 y 25
Phone (271) 717 3200

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