Where to Go / What to Do in Riviera Maya

You will be able to do many activities in Riviera Maya, its white and soft beaches will invite you to enjoy a beautiful sunset while you are drinking a refreshing margarita; its crystal clear waters are the perfect place for practicing fun water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing and sailing. The ancient Mayan ruins at the Biosphere of Sian Ka'an will allow you to have a close encounter with nature, nature that we work to protect here in Mexico.

Sian Ka'an means "“the place where the sky is born"”, and it was called "“Natural Mankind Patrimony"” in 1987 by UNESCO. Its relevancy takes place in the huge biological diversity within this area. It has been numbered about 1,048 different species of plants, that are native of the Gulf of Mexico and the Antilles; also, 103 mammal species, 339 bird species, 90 native bees, 318 species of morning time butterflies and 86 species of corals, among many others. Some of the animal endangered species are the Ocelot (a small jaguar), the ocofaisán, jaguarondi, the puma and the jaguar.

Besides, inside of this biosphere, the visitor can make a lot of different activities, such as watch manatees (endangered species), practice the sport fishing, o practice Kayak in Punta Allen.

This archeological zone is known because of its beautiful white sand beaches, and it is very important for the History of Mexico because of its testimony of murals, painted on the walls of some ancient buildings, and because, it was one of the most important cities protected by a wall in the Mayan civilization.

Its strategic location was very important for commerce; it was located on the northern point of the east coast, and its wall was crucial in its history. The highest tower, called "“The Castle"” was fully functional when the Spanish explorers arrived, in the XVI century.

There is evidence that shows that Tulum was an independent province head, apart from the rest of the provinces. The Mayan Residential Architecture, the picturesque murals and traces of temples for the gods or sacred objects to the gods of wind, the creeks and the descending god, are some of the legacies of the great civilization of the original inhabitants of these lands.

The great coral reef that is located in Puerto Morelos is today a national park that has a spectacular marine biodiversity. It was declared a natural protected area by the federal government in 1998. Due to this, the community of Puerto Morelos is sustained by activities related to the ecosystem be it fishing, the practice of some tourist activity, or scientific investigation.

Currently over 600 marine species have been identified as well as 264 species of algae, dolphins, marine turtles in state of protection, and diverse species of corals, also in conservation state. However, the investigations continue for we know there is marine life that has not yet been explored.

For nature lovers, this is a fascinating experience. Miles of giant turtles come from May to September each year to lay eggs on the soft, white sands. To assure that these animals (in danger of extinction) are not killed by hunters in search for their shells, this area has been declared protected. The thousands of eggs are taken to a place that will assure their birth and growth, later to be returned to the sea.

More than a simple inhabited island, this is a sanctuary for birds. It is located 45 minutes North of Isla Mujeres and has a view point on a tower that gives us a spectacular panoramic view of the impressive Mexican Caribbean. There are several excursions available throughout the day with a limited capacity, for this reason reservations are obligatory. .

This lake has one of the best sunsets in Mexico. It is fed marine waters by the Sigfrido and Nizuc Canals. It is also surrounded by beautiful flora and is the ideal place for a romantic outing, or the ideal scene for most extreme aquatic sports.

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