Where to Go / What to Do in Isla Mujeres

Beaches & Hotels
If you go to Isla Mujeres it is definitely to enjoy the exotic beaches, excellent hotels and tranquil paradise like place.

Garrafon is a tropical paradise located on Isla Mujeres, only 25 miles from Cancun on boat. Here you can practice the best snorkeling, kayaking, walking under water, and bungee jumping. This is a must visit if you are in the area.

More than an uninhabited island, it is a sanctuary and nesting place for exotic birds. It is located 45 minutes north of Isla Mujeres, and has a viewing point with a great view of the Mexican Caribbean. There are several excursions available throughout the day with limited capacity, which makes reservations obligatory.

An impressive hacienda built by the famous pirate Mundaca years ago to conquer his lover’s heart. If your in Isla Mujeres this is a stop you can’t miss, you could say its an encounter with the past of these legendary pirate lands.

For nature lovers, this is a fascinating experience. Thousands of turtles come from May to September to lay their eggs, burying them in the soft white sand. To assure that hunters don’t kill these animals (in danger of extinction) for their meat and shells, this is declared a protected zone and the thousands of eggs are taken to an aquarium to ensure their birth, growth, and their return to the ocean.

Swim with the dolphins! An unforgettable experience we should all do at least once in our lifetime, this is your chance.

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