Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

For those who turn into night animals, this exuberant beach offers fun for everyone. Here is a list of the places you can visit during your nights out. You don't need directions, you are in Los Cabos, just let your instinct and the friendly locals guide you.

Owned by famous rocker Sammy Hagar and maybe one of the most famous nightclubs in Cabo. World famous for its never ending parties and exotic tequila drinks.

The ideal place to be seen on La Marina. It doesn't only offer excellent drinks but also a good Susy, accompanied by rock music.

Energetic, contagious, colorful, friendly...Decor: neon lights and music at full volume...Dress code: whatever you want...Guarantee: party until you drop.

Palapa style nightclub with continuous broadcast of the best sports on its multiple screens.

A place to enjoy with friends, or in case you go by yourself, the place to make new friends.

For the lovers of 70's to 90's rock music, this is the ideal place.

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