Where to Eat in Oaxaca

The Oaxaca gastronomy is internationally famous due to the complexity of many of its dishes, and the selection of ingredients that take part in the elaboration of moles, memelas, tamales, and grasshoppers. The moles, for example, vary in the type of chiles used for its preparation, along with about twenty other ingredients that make this dish one of the most exquisite of Mexico´s gastronomy. Exotic ingredients transform into a mix of dishes that adorn the kitchens of the best gourmet Mexican restaurants with red grasshoppers and ants. Let´s not forget the famous Oaxaca tamales wrapped in banana leaf, the original entomatadas of black Oaxaca beans. Such gastronomical abundance is reason for the following list of exclusive restaurants of regional kitchens.

In the Maria Bonita restaurant, the chefs work to preserve the traditional Oaxaca food.
Alcalá #706 Col. Centro
Phone (951) 516 7233

This is a family diner of great tradition in the city. You must arrive early to find availability, its one of the local's favorites.
Calz. De la República #600
Phone (951) 513 4636

Exquisite traditional kitchen.
García Vigil #617 Col. Centro
Phone (951) 516 4687

Located in the Zocalo of the city, here you will find the tastiest moles and famous homemade desserts.
Portal Benito Juárez #116

Contemporary kitchen under the shade of an orange tree.

Located inside the hotel of the same name, this restaurant offers the best Oaxaca gourmet kitchen in the city. Make reservations at least one day ahead and be prepared to enjoy an exquisite Mexican style dinner.
García Vigil #407 Col. Centro
Phone (951) 514 4173

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