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Capital of Mexico state, the city of Toluca de Lerdo is an industrial city whose architectural beauty has one the name ¨La Bella¨. Its French style buildings and houses mark the historic center which was once the prehispanic city of Tollocan.

The founding of this prehispanic city is thanks to the toltecas governed by Mixcoatl in the VII century a.c. under the name of Nepintahihui, which jeans ¨land of corn¨, and which later World be conquered by the Aztecs. The Spanish invaded the city in 1521 under Gonzalo de Sandoval and with the help of the Otomie Indian army. Soon the evangelizing missionaries arrived and dedicated themselves to the construction of chapels and convents such as the chapel of Santa Cruz. It wasn't until 1799 that the valley of Toluca was declared a city by the ¨Cedula Real¨.

During the fight for independence, Toluca participated in only one event worth mentioning, the massacre of indigenous people in the hands of realist Rosendo Porlier. This was a response to the attack of the army. Currently, the population of Toluca gives honor to the fallen Indians in the Plaza of Martyrs, place of the embarrassing act.

On June 12, 1830 Toluca was declared capital of the state of Mexico.

The period of the French intervention meant the eventual visit of emperor Maximiliano.

One of the most flourishing times for the city was when Governor Mariano Riva Palacio ordered the famous architect Arangoity to beautify the city with a neoclassic style in 1869.

The Mexican Revolution was strongly supported by the society of Toluca; however, great battles did not take place here.

The XXI century was dedicated to the solution of problems presented in the city.

Located in the center of the state of Mexico, only 72km from the capital of the country, the city has an altitude of about 2,600 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest Mexican city. The most important elevation in this region, located in the neovolcanic center, is the Volcano ¨Nevado de Toluca¨ or Xinantecatl. The Xicuatenco River runs through the city and runs into Lerma River. It has a sub-humid climate and an average temperature of 13.7 ºC.

Center of the commercial and industrial activity of the state, it is known for its participation in production of drinks, textiles, automobiles, chemical and pharmaceuticals, located in 5 great industrial parks, Corredor Industrial Toluca, Parque Industrial Lerma, Parque Industrial Cerrillo 1 and Cerrillo 2, Parque Industrial Exportepec 1 and 2, and Parque El Coecillo

Ayuntamiento de la ciudad de Toluca de Lerdo en, http://www.toluca.gob.mx

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