Where to Stay inManzanillo

5 stars
Grand Tourism
All-inclusive first-class hotel with a design in homage to the Maya culture, one of the most important prehispanic cultures.
Av. Vista Hermosa #13
Phone (314) 331 1300

4 stars
500 villas in an all-inclusive beachfront hotel… need we say more?
Carr. Manzanillo - Barra de Navidad Km 12.5 en Miramar
Phone (314) 331-0875 y 331-0800
In Manzanillo 01-800-406-2382
In Guadalajara 01-800-706-2382
In Mexico City 01-800-900-4600
In León 01-800-639-1314

4 stars
Suites with air conditioning and kitchenette.
Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No. 101 Col. Brisas
Phone (314) 334-1480
Toll Free: 01-800-710-5818

4 stars
Marbella No. 7 en Playa Azul
Phone (314) 333 1102

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