Nightlife in Chihuahua

Many live music bars, modern dance clubs, beautiful outdoor cafes, lively billiard halls and seven theaters are part of the entertainment offered in the city of Chihuahua for business and leisure travelers.

Discotheque currently in fashion.
Av. Juárez #3114 Zona Dorada
Phone (614) 410 6865

Calle. Juárez 3201 Zona Dorada
Phone (614) 415 8380

Lounge style bar, ideal for having a couple of cocktails.
Calle Segunda y de la Llave at the Historic Center.

Incide Plaza San Agustín
Phone (614) 414 7750

Av. Juárez #3333 Zona Dorada

Av. Colón #207 Zona Dorada

Av. San Felipe #1008-D
Phone (614) 414 5286

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