Where to Eat in Aguascalientes

Test This modern city offers a wide variety of food which includes Spanish, Italian and French, beside the typical Mexican cuisine.

“Cenadurias” or “merenderos” are common in the city of Aguascalientes, among de favorite dishes of the habitants of this city are the tongue pozole Aguascalientes style, sopes embarrados, menudo and sheep barbacoa. Guayaba candies from the Calvillo community and guayaba and nut rolls are popular desserts too.

The following is a list of excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the best of the Hidrocalida Cuisine.

This dinner offers a great variety of typical Mexican dishes where you can enjoy a festive atmosphere. Closed on Thursdays.
José María Chávez #607. Col. Centro.
Tel: (449) 916 6522

Here you can enjoy a relaxing flamenco night, live music or karaoke on a full bullfighting themed scenery decorated with souvenirs from “La Gran Plaza de Toros de Aguascalientes”.
Esquina de Ponce, en Andador J. Pani
Tel: (449) 918 1928

This restaurant, which offers the best of the Aguascalientes cuisine, is the oldest in the city. Situated in the historic heart of Aguascalientes, its incomparable service and quality has made it famous since 1938.
Madero #220 Col. Centro
Tel: (449) 916 6157

Traditional local “cenaduria” (dinner), offers to the client a great variety of typical Mexican plates.
Blvd. José María Chávez #607
Tel: (449) 916 6522

Restaurant – Bar specialized in typical Mexican dishes like flautas, sopes and enchiladas.
Quinta Avenida #508
Tel: (449) 978 1090

Also situated in the historic center of the city, dinning at Catrina is a local tradition.
Nieto #237 Col. Centro
Tel: (449) 918 6617

Sine 1942 this restaurant has offered to every client typical Mexican food with a great selection of original Spanish dishes.
Av. Aguascalientes Pte. #508
Tel: (449) 914 5465

Steak and Grill house with international cuisine specialized in Grilled Sheep.
Heroe de Nacozari Sur #2500
Tel: (449) 913 7011

This restaurant inside the hotel with the same name, offers international food. Ask for their distinctive dish, Aguascalientes style chile.
Interior Hotel de Andrea Alameda
Tel: (449) 970 3800


Extract from Internet from the book “El Crecimiento de la Ciudad de Aguascalientes” by Gerardo Martínez Delgado. http://www.geocities.com/revista_conciencia/ciudad.html; Municipal Goverment of Aguascalienes: http://www.ags.gob.mx.

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