Yucatan's food, Mexico

The gastronomy of Yucatan is drastically distinguished from that of other regions of the country for preserving the ingredients and preparation inherited from the Mayans, and still practiced today. The combination of meat from animals of European origin plus spices and a way to cook and prepare the multiple local ingredients have resulted in a cuisine full of flavor and color.

Yucatan is a place where the combination of culture, people and their roots melt in time and join in the history of mixed races. Food in this State is distinguished for its history, landscape, legends and magic. The sacred Mayan book shows the image of the men of corn, the cultural universe in which food is both a real and imaginary sustenance, with a very significant place. Deer, boars and pheasants seasoned with achiote and spices from the other side of the Atlantic are dishes from the famous Mexican cuisine for the world.

Influenced by cultural and commercial exchange with old Europe, as well as with New Orleans and Cuba, residents of the peninsula reflected this in their architecture and, of course, their cuisine. Enjoying recipes from the gastronomy of Yucatan is an experience where not only the combination of ingredients becomes evident, but also the gathering of Mayan terms translated into Spanish, making a sudden play of words decorating the dishes’ names. To be in one of Merida’s plazas enjoying one of its sunsets is what we can fantasize about when tasting the delicious salbutes, panuchos or poc-chuc, with a color and flavor transporting us “where you’ll go before or after the end of the world”, according to a verse.
Just for mentioning some dishes there is lime soup: exquisite shredded chicken in broth, lime juice and tostadas. Huevos motuleños are fried eggs seasoned with tomato sauce, ham, peas and cheese, served with slices of fried bananas. Cochinita pibil is made with pork marinated in achiote, orange juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper wrapped in banana leaves; the pork can be substituted by chicken. Po-chuc is thin slices of roasted pork, marinated with orange juice, sauce and onion. Papadzules are tacos of chopped boiled eggs with pumpkin seed sauce. Beans with pork is served with rice and covered in tomato sauce, dressed with radishes, cilantro and onion.

We could go on describing an endless number of exquisite dishes from such and extensive and delicious cuisine and continue marveling at its variety and flavor, the pride of a diverse and exciting country that shares it with the rest of the world.

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