Mexico’s Extraordinary Beaches

México is one of the countries with greatest natural wealth, for the diversity of animal and vegetable species that inhabit an extension of more than 6,800 miles of coasts. Belonging to them is Sea of Cortes, a region whose waters bathe the States of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa.

The diversity of landscapes such as cliffs, mountain zones, deserts and plains offer tourists the opportunity to practice sport fishing, yacht trips, as well as extreme sports. Beaches of extraordinary beauty in the region are Rosarito, San Felipe, Ensenada, the Loreto corridor – Nopoló, Los Cabos, Bahía Kino, Topolobampo, San Carlos and Altata. The States of Baja California and Baja California Sur have the added advantage of being able to combine high tides in the same region for sports such as surfing and low tides in the Sea of Cortes for diving.

Ecotourism is an activity that responds to the needs of visitors who enjoy being close to nature while respecting different habitats, in the region of Cabos, for example, sea lions, manta rays for diving lovers, as well as whales and dolphins can be seen.

In another region of he country, the beaches of the Riviera Maya, in Quintana Roo, conjugate extraordinary historical vestiges, transparent turquoise colored beaches and jungle landscapes.

Playa del Carmen is one of the most attractive sites for the quality and diversity of services for visitors, a great number of day and night entertainment centers, water sports and recently developed golf courses. They all unite in a tourist corridor that invites to Puerto Morelos, Chemuyil, Tulum, Paamul and Playa del Secreto.

In Campeche, the region known as Mundo Maya, hosts the Bahamitas beach, northeast of Ciudad del Carmen, Playa Caracol, Isla Aguada, Playa Bonita and Sabancuy, Champotón and Tenabo, among the most peaceful and beautiful that can be visited for diving and water sports. The water deposits are an important natural wealth, the sacred cenotes, as well as the vegetation and species of colored birds that can’t be found in any other region of the country.
In the Pacific you can enjoy the beaches of the State of Nayarit, those of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, that due to the low depths of its waters allows fishing sailfish. A special attraction is Acapulco in the State of Guerrero and the development of recreational activities such as skiing, boat races and the arrival of cruise ships from different parts of the world.

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