Tenacatita Bay, in Jalisco, México

Tenacatita is one of the five bays of the Costa Alegre in Jalisco, which is composed of three beautiful beaches known as Boca de Iguanas, Tenacatita and La Manzanilla. The place is nice, its sand is smooth, the waves are soft and it has magnificent views, which provide an excellent opportunity to take pictures, to the extent that it is recommended to bring the “memory” of your camera completely empty, so you can take lots of shots from the place. The vegetation is nice, made up of palm trees, plantain plantations, and papaya. It has beautiful fauna which sometimes allows travelers to observe even the flamencos. It is one of the rare places in Mexico where in the winter the sun enters and leaves from the side of the sea; it is 40 kilometers away from Barra de Navidad. The place is very often visited by young and adventurous tourists. Its total extension is of six and a half kilometers of beach. One of the main highlights, is that only virgin islands can be found here.

Its waters are ideal for sports fishing, skiing, rowing, swimming, sailing and diving . They are practiced year round, except in March and April. It is also recommended to visit the mangrove swamps or simply walk in the mornings to feel the sea breeze. As you visit the small towns in the vicinity, you will be drawn by the beautiful local crafts such as hats, earrings, bracelets and more mementos made from shells, palms and corals that can be acquired here.

Along the entire bay you will find restaurants for all tastes and at very affordable prices. The menu ranges from tropical fruits to fish and seafood such as the sea scrolls and shrimp, not to mention the classical fish filet and the typical beverages which are a “must try”.

One very particular highlight is that you can choose to camp at the beach, which in itself is rather cheap. The cost to camp is around 200 pesos (depending on the season) per 4/people tent and 50 pesos per additional person. In that same area, you can choose one of the rooms that are offered (by individuals) for about $300 which include all services, or you can decide to go to any of the hotels nearby. By the way, there are only two big luxurious 4 and 5 star hotels in the area, while the rest are small. There is also a golf course, pool, and a spa which has all kinds of commodities. Children are not allowed in all hotels, since the atmosphere desired is for honeymooners or couples. However, there are bungalows and cabins for rent.

We must also point out that residents are jealous about the preservation of the place, so the zone needs to be respected and kept clean.

Finally, since it is a very desirable area to visit, it is sometimes packed with people during high seasons, so if you are a person looking for some calm times in your life, Tenacatita must be visited during the low seasons… Anyway, we guarantee you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful, virgin paradise!

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Photo: Hanumann (Flickr)